Pronounced "BEN-YAY"; Traditional French Market Pastry.

Beignet Strips
    Served Traditional or Cinnamon & Sugar.

Bread Pudding 
    Made with famous french Bread & topped with rum butter sacue and peacans.

Bread Pudding ala Mode
   Our great Bread Pudding dressed up with caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream.


Breakfast Sandwich | Biscuit

Morning Fresh Eggs and Cheese with your choice of Bacon, Sausage (Patty, grilled smoked or andouille) or Ham served on White or Wheat Toast or biscuit.

Breakfast Croissant

Morning fresh Eggs and Cheese with your choice of Bacon, Sausage (Patty, grilled smoked or andouille) or Ham served on warm Croissant.

Eggs Duo Breakfast

Two grade A large eggs prepared the way you like, Two Hickory cured bacon slices, 2 sausage patties or Grilled Smoked or Andouille Sausage, served with buttery toast wedges.


The New Orleans twish on fancy frittatas: Fam Fresh eggs baked with smothered onion, sweet green peppers, tangy red ripe tomatoes, and aged grated parmesan chees, served with wo our famous beignet strips.

Fresh Quarter Toast (Plain Perdu)

You know it as French Toast, we call it better. Our French Bread egg battered then lightly dusted with sweet powdered sugar, served with 2 Pieces Bacon or Sausage (Patty, grilled smoke or andouillle)

Ala Carte
Egg, bacon or sausage 

Wholesome Oatmeal
Southern Grits
Fresh Fruit



Each served with our homemade tangy remoulade.
Techoupitoulas Popcorn Shirmp or Crawfish Tails
From the Bayou our own Cajun Crawfish tails or Lightly Battered Seasoned Popcorn Shrimp
Chicken Strips
Seasoned Crispy Chicken Breast Sliced Tenderloins
Crab Fingers Pontchartrain Mkt priced 
Cajun inspired crab fingers.
Other Munchies
Creole Cheese Fries
Hot French fries loaded with cheese, creole seasoning and our famous Cajun sauce 
Crawfish Dip
Warm Creamy dip loaded with crawfish served with fresh tortilla chips
Served Two Ways!
1. Classic - served with spicy mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles
2. Your Own Way - go thru our line and "Dress it up" your way
     Each Includes one side item or chips.
Crawfish Tails
From the Bayou, our own Cajun Crawfish tails served classic with spicy mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles or as you like it from our line "your way, you da boss"
This ain't just catfish, Farm raised, seasoned and deep fried to a golden brown and served up with your favorite fixins
Chicken Strip
Chicken strip tenderloins seasoned with our own special spices, fried and served classic or your way "you still da boss" and one of our sides.
Wild caught gulf coast shrimp blessed with the flavor of New Orleans, deep fried served with the side of your choice.
Oysters, Hand breaded, lightly spiced and fried like you remember from the crescent city served classic or dressed the way you like.
Half & Half
Half oyster & Half Shrimp.
Roast Beef
Slow cooked roast beef layered aujus based gravy and debris served on French bread.
Pulled Pork
Slow roasted, pulled and layered on the original French bread of New Orleans and served your way.
Famously delicious signature crusty bread, smothered with marinated olive salad, cured ham, Italian Salami, imported provolone and of course that special New Orleans blend of Flavors.
Turkey Muffuletta
A lighter guilt free alternative to the New Orleans Traditional.
Royal Street
Sliced Ham aged Swiss cheese, sliced tomato with our own Creole Mustard sauce.
Tender oven roasted breast of turkey, imported provolone cheese, tangy tomato and topped with our own special recipe homemade garlic mayo, of course.
St. Charles
Succulent tender Chicken Breast, cured bacon, the best provolone cheese in the house, a nice slice of tomato and our famous garlic mayo.
Market fresh eggplant, provolone cheese, juicy slices of tomato, grilled red onions and garlic mayo.
Big Cheesy
An American classic and New Orleans favorite: Combination American Cheese, Aged Swiss, provolone with fresh green onions and our garlic mayo.
Sensation Salad
House salad topped with our homemade vinaigrette made with Olive oil, tangy lemon juice, Dijon mustard and topped with Grated Parmesan & Blue Cheeses
Classic Caesar
Traditional salad done just right
Cajun Cobb
kicked up to a whole new level salad with Cajun blackend chicken, hickory cured bacon, juicy tomatoes, the perfect boiled egg and mild cheese.
Pecan Chicken Salad
Prepared seasoned pulled breast of chicked salad, flavored with Toasted Pecans.
Shrimp Remoulade Salad
A New Orleans staple, Gulf coast cooked shrimp, chilled and served with our famous Remoulade Sauce.
Red Beans and Rice
Wash Monday Tradition...
Crawfish Etouffee 
Tangy roma tomatoes, crawfish tails, fresh onions, sweet peppers, flavored with a New Orleans Blend of herbs and spices.
Shrimp Creole 
Tomato based with plump right sized shrimp, peppers, chopped onions, celery and special seasonings for the obsolute perfect flavor.
Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo 
Roasted breast of chicken, Andouille sausage, chopped and celery stalks, minced onions, bell pepper, along with our speical spices.
Seafood Gumbo 
A seafood feast of crawfish, shrimp, onions, peppers, celery and special seasonings pulled together with our own deep Roux.
Presidential Gumbo
Executive batch loaded with shrimp, crawfish, oysters, tomatoes and okra.


Fountain Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Root Beer
Iced Tea
Hot Coffee
Cafe' au lait
New Orleans style coffee and chicory brewed double strength and mixed equally with steamed mil. Chickory is a root vegetable that is roasted and added to coffee originally, to stretch the supply in post Civil War New Orleans. This style of coffee is still preferred in Louisiana. The Chicory adds a smooth flavor to the coffee, as well as reducing bitterness.
Frozen Coffee
There's no question, chocolate and coffee are flavors taht are meant for each other.
Cajun Bowl
Dirty Rice topped with Red Beans, Crawfish tails or Popcorn shrimp and our famous Cajun Sauce
Vodde "Dirty" Bird (Cornish Hen)
Whawk! Hallelujah!
Cajun Seafood Pasta
Shrimp, Crawfish tails and more in our Creamy alfredo sauce over penne pasta
Blackened Chicken Pasta
Creamy Alfredo over penne pasta and perfectly juicy Blackened Chicken
Charbroiled Oysters "coming soon"
Cajun "seasoned" French Fries
Southern slow pot cooked Collard Greens
Traditional mustard Potato Salad - New Potatoes, celery, eggs and with the flavor of New Orleans Seasonings. Tangy Cole Slaw - Crescent City creamy mayonnaisedressing on a well seasoned slaw. (Like you remember)
Dirty Rice
Tangy Cole Slaw

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